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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mount Erskino, Penang

Mount Erskino Hainan Western Foods


Another famous foods restaurant that wish to share with all.

The Mount Erskino Hainan Western foods
is famous with it's tasty and value for $$ western foods.

The menu with revised price....

They are using the Yeo's chili & tomato sauce,
1st time that get to know that Yeo's got chili & tomato sauce

Their famous & signature Chicken Chop
served with their brown sauce...
As said, the price revised to RM7.50,
I'm a strong supporter for this chicken chop....
Start eating it when it still sold at RM5.50.... hehehe

We ordered another set - Pork Cutlet...
The pork is slided into thin pieces & fried
with their home make flour..... Yummy.....
RM7.50 also

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