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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hotel @ KL

MY Hotel @ Bukit Bintang

My Hotel is located at Jalan Pudu somewhere near Bukit Bintang, KL
It's near to many shopping malls such as
Times Square, Sungai Wang, Lot 10 & etc...
Is only take less than 15 min reach those malls...

The entrance of MY Hotel @ Bukit Bintang....
it was just opened on April 2011...

This hotel owner believed to be an Indian..
most of their workers are Indian...
& This is their check in counter...

The room "key" - the scan card....

The room that we spend our night there....

The complimentary items inside the room - coffee & tea, drinking water

As the hotel is new, all the facilities are in clean & good condition.
The toilet & bathroom...

Another view in the toilet - the washing basin & bath room

The double room with 1 queen size bed.
For room with window, the price is RM 118. W/o will be cheaper.

Overall we are satisfied with this hotel which is clean & convenience....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Part 15

Hong Kong Disneyland --香港迪士尼乐园


After our lunch @ the Aventureland, we proceed to the next activity
in the Fantasyland for the famous show - the Golden Mickey.

The overview of Fantasyland.
(Source from HK Disneyland website)

The Golden Mickey located
at the right top corner of the Fantasyland.

Photo in front of the entrance to Fantasyland,
the signature building in Disneyland
- The Sleeping Beauty Castle

Before entering to the hall for the show....
Mickey & Minney, I'm coming....

Let's the show begin....
The host wearing white start the show.
The show was in cantonese.
Of coz there are English translation shown in the TV at the side.

Here come the main actors such as Donald Duck & Goffy

The show was so happening which full with dancer.

Mickey & Minnie with the host.
Their costume is so beautiful.

Beside Mickey & his friends, there are others also such as
- those from the Toys Story.

Mickey & Minnie in cowboy costume.

Here come the naughty 1 - Stitch & Lilo....

At the end of the show....
all the main actor & actress dance together to say goodbye to all.

Everyone were satisfy with this happening show....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

KL Shopping Mall

The Garden & Mid Valley

The photo we taken @ Mid Valley Shopping Mall....

Behind us is a ship with the promotion for Pirate of Caribbean....

Outside of the famous shopping mall -- The Garden
Surrounded by the stone balls in front of The Garden

In the hot weather, it's always nice to have ice cream.
This stall attract us - The Real Taste of Italia --Gelatissimo Ice Cream
The promoter are so friendly and kind
which she frequently offer us to try their ice cream with different favour

such as Mango

Passion Fruit & etc....
They total around 20 types of favours to choose...

We choose two favour -- Mango & Passion Fruits

It quit expensive.... but really yummy....

regular two favour -- RM 12.90

Mid Year Trip

Genting Highland

We had planned our mid year months ago
after bought promotion air ticket from budget airline.
This round we went to KL & Genting.

We went up to Genting by from Gombak KL.
The bus stop at half hill follow by cable car.

The cable car station was full with ppl.....
It took us almost 40 minutes to Q for our turn.

After view at the cable car station.

Finally, our turn to the world fastest cable car service....
According to what we heard inside the cable car,
this is the longest cable car line in Southeast Asia.

Photo outside Genting theme park...

In front of the miniature for Statue of Liberty
inside 1st world indoor theme park

In front of a Vietnamese restaurant

The Genting Clock tower

Everywhere was full with ppl...
we took a photo in front of the revolving horse ride.....

In front of the 1st world hotel lobby....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Secret Recipe

Tea Time....

Secret Recipe having the tea time promotion
known as Tea Time Special from 3pm-6pm...
you will get a cup of FREE tea or coffee
for any dine-in of a slice of cake

I order 1 slice of chocolate cheese berry cake....
& it serve with 1 cup of white coffee (FOC)....

The coffee is very "Kaw" (thick)
which i feel a bit bitter.... hehehe
actually i dun really like coffee.... but just try lo....
I added some brown sugar into my coffee....

Then I started eat my cake....
It's very delicious.... a bit sour with the berry
& it's full with chocolate that I like & cheese...
Really yummy... I love it so much....

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Birthday Celebration

My 2011 birthday presents

It's another happy and memorable b'day celebration
together with my darling.
As shared in previous blog, we had our dinner @ Mizi Bistro

In total, I received 3 presents from my darling.
The 1st one is 1 set of b/fast.....
It's a normal with the b/fast that he bought for me always
but with a little small deco.... :-)

The 2nd one is a b'day card with the cute bear bear that I like...
He gave to me after our lunch while we are on the way to Penang.

Above is my b'day card together with my 3rd present....

"cheng cheng"..... my 3rd present is a white gold bracelet
It surprise me when he pass my 3rd present to me
when we are in the restaurant for our dinner....
Never think off he'll give me that during that time

My bracelet with the card...

A closer look of my beautiful bracelet....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Birthday Celebration

My Special Day @
Mizi Bistro

It's a special day in a year which is my B'day....
My bf & I celebrate my big day in one of my favourite restaurant- Mizi Bistro
The restaurant located at New World Park, Penang.
A famous place for good & worth for $$ western foods.
It's always full with ppl, luckily we booked the table early...

The interior environment is good with 2 happy faces..

We ordered 1 set & 1 ala carte for our dinner.
The set serve together with 1 drink, 1 soup with bread,
1 main course + free flow of ice cream.
RM25.00 nett

We choose - Orange Juice

Mizi's Signature Mushroom Soup
This soup full of mushroom that blended with cream

Bread N Butter

Here come the main course...
Fish Gordon Blue

Filled with chicken ham & cheese,
crumbed then deep-fried to a golden brown with garlic butter
ala carte-RM 16.50

Chicken Stroganoff
Sauteed chicken strips with onion
and mushrooms cooked in a green peppercorn sauce
serve with mashes potato
ala carte RM 16.00

The free flow ice cream...
They have total of 8 type of ice cream
as well as the choc chip, candy chip, choc cream, strawberry cream....

Friendly tips: The ice cream is for those that ordered set meal only,
other diners that have it will be billed RM6/pax oh....

We were satisfied & full.... even need to pack some back home
as we couldn't finish all the foods.... hehe

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