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Friday, January 28, 2011

My Finance Dept Dinner

Nurul Ikan Bakar Speical @
Batu Uban, Penang
The dinner is treat by our finance boss with other 3 bosses for celebrate CNY
The menu have 6 dishes but I only take few dishes...
1. Sotong Goreng Tepung

2. Ikan Bakar

3. Siakap Steam

4. Udang Goreng
5. Lala Masak Pedas
6. Kailan Ikan Masin
The photo with my same dept colleague-NAP

Anothers 2 person from finance dept with NAP

The left hand side is new colleague with us...

The leng lui all with different subsi colleagues....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Part 9

Ruins of St Paul's
The very famous landmark & a must not miss place for tourist when visit Macau
- The Ruins of St Paul's.
It was a church designed by an Italian Jesuit, with the assistance of Japanese
Christian stonemasons, who had fled persecution in Japan.
The church was build in the early 17th century.
In 1835 a fire destroyed all but left the facade.
1 of the photo that I love the most for our Macau trip.
Intro of this place in mandarin...
English is available also but i didn't took it.. hehe

Photos taken in front of the facade in different year..

There a 1 small room to store the bone of Jesuits.

The landscape is so nice with the plant....

From the street near to the facede. It's always full with people..

Another view of the street....
It's time for us to go for our lunch d....

Friday, January 14, 2011

Family Trip -- Melaka Part 4

Baba & Nyonya Food

The place with famous food and historical building....
Along this road, you can find many tourist attraction around there..

The Baba & Nyonya Laksa

The Baba & Nyonya Curry Mee....
It look different with Penang foods....
If go Melaka must try it la...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Trip -- Melaka Part 3


The shop we take lunch at there....

Before enter the shop, I take a photo there...

The price of the type menu.....

That we order from this shop...
1. of course chicken

2. vegetable
3. with the famous rice (鸡粒饭)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Part 8

Macau Tower (澳门塔)
Soaring 338m above the city, the tower dominates the skyline &
offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Macau cityscape,
China, the pearl River & even some islands of Hong Kong on a clear day.
It offer a list of exciting adventure such as
the world's highest bungy jump, Skyjump, Skywalk X & Mast climb.
Source from Macau tourist guide
A picture of us from the Taipa island before visit to the Macau Tower.

As mentioned, it is 338m tall.

Picture some where in the Main Observation Deck.

There are transparent "floor" to let everyone feel the height of the tower.
Indicator for the high speed lift.... so nice...

There are a small on the ground floor of the tower.
Behind us is a miniature on the tower

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Family Trip -- Melaka Part 2

Jonker Street 鸡场街

The famous place in Melaka--Jonker Street.
Everyone have to go around this place when in Melaka.
Got many stalls in the Jonker street like food stall, shoes stall, cloths stall & etc.

I try this potato.. It is Taiwanese Food.
It taste nice...& special

The seller all is youngest children only... Is around 12-16 years old.
That why attract me to go & see...

We can try many food in this Jonker Street...
It will more lively when CNY reach...

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