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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Part 9

Ruins of St Paul's
The very famous landmark & a must not miss place for tourist when visit Macau
- The Ruins of St Paul's.
It was a church designed by an Italian Jesuit, with the assistance of Japanese
Christian stonemasons, who had fled persecution in Japan.
The church was build in the early 17th century.
In 1835 a fire destroyed all but left the facade.
1 of the photo that I love the most for our Macau trip.
Intro of this place in mandarin...
English is available also but i didn't took it.. hehe

Photos taken in front of the facade in different year..

There a 1 small room to store the bone of Jesuits.

The landscape is so nice with the plant....

From the street near to the facede. It's always full with people..

Another view of the street....
It's time for us to go for our lunch d....

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