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Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday SL 2010

Fren's Birthday Celebration @

Happy Birthday my lovely fren's.....
Today is the special for u....0411

Sorry for just a small celebration with u...

This is the places that we celebrated with you...
The Faces...Western Food

Birthday gal.....

S.Xung & SL

This is the first one that we order..
Chicken Aux Champignons

2. Black Pepper Chicken Chop

3. New England Fish & ChipsThe photo SL & me...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh... my gods.... my car....

A bad day???
Everything was just fine for us today. We went home after shopping & our lunch.
After reached home, we parked our car in front of our house & went in as usual.
About 5 minutes after that, our dog was bark so loud.
My bf have a look outside, noted that our car windows was open.
He wanted to go out & check it, then notice that a guy with helmet was near to our car.
That sh*t guy was then rush away with his motorbike... calmly....
When we went out, we realised that our car's side windscreen was splashed..
Windscreen beside driver seat were splashed..

Another look from the front of our "poor" car.....

The broken windscreen with glass on the road....

Closer look into our car....

That sh*t guy splashed the windscreen, took all our coins,
Touch & Go card, sun glasses & even the umbrella.....
We reported to the nearest police station. & spent RM120 to replace the windscreen....
Would like to share our experience with all with the correct things to do
1. Be calm, try to remember any characteristic for all that sh*t guy...
2. Log a police report... just to ensure police notice about the incident
3. Call your insurance agent to ask about ur insurance coverage on the damage
(Nowadays, many insurance company only allow their
panel mechanic to repair the insured car)
4. Last but not least is to repair your car lo...
Is this a bad day for us???
Fortunately, we are unhurt... just that my wallet is bleeding now......

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Part 7

A-Ma Temple (妈祖阁)
The most famous & picturesque temple in Macau -
and which helped give the city its name--
consists of payer pavillions on four levels,
set into a hill that rises from the waterfront of the Inner Harbour.

In front of the famous A-Ma temple.

History of the A-Ma Temple in Mandarin, that available at the square in front of it.

Photo with the Hundred years old "husband & wife's tree"

Guess what this is?????
Is actually a mail box for Macau post office...
Feel it is special, so have photo with it....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Part 6

Casino in Macau Island

Casino is one of the attraction for Macau.
According to our tour guide,there are more than 30 casino in Macau
which averagely 1km square will have 1 casino.
Below are some of the casino that we visited...
The lighting are so nice.....
Casino Lisboa - the old casino.....

The Grand Lisboa Casino - located opposite of the Casino Lisboa....
The ligthing are very interesting which they will change colour & pattern

Photo of us in front of another Casino - the Emperor Casino...

We are surrounded by casino... another beautiful casino...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Family Trip -- Melaka Part 1

Malacca Capitol Satay Celup

The first place that when we reach Malacca is to find places take our dinner.
This Capitol Satay is located at Lorong Bukit Cina
It open daily from 5.00pm. It always full with people.

You might need to Q for your turn.
Photo that we took while we r waiting.

The center is a pot of Satay source which serve together with cucumber & bread.

From time to time, the waitress will stir the satay source.

There r many choices as you can choose wat u want.

Some of the food we choose.....Is time to start eat....

After a while, the boss will take out some promotion items like the big prawn that I choose. Other than that r abalone etc....

Each stick is 80 cents... including the promotion item - the big prawn

The big prawn with us after satify with our delicious dinner.
Our last stick of the day - of coz is the big prawn..

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Part 5

Hotel in Macau - Best Western Taipa
Would like to introduce the hotel that we stayed in Macau - Best Western Taipa.
It's located in the town of the Taipa which it's near to the tourist spot like The Venetian (5 to 10 minutes by taxi), Ruo Do Cunha (5 - 10 minutes walk).
The hotel provide free shuttle bus to go to the ferry jetty (HK <=> Macau) every half an hour. It's ok that if you request the bus driver to drop you somewhere near the Venetian as the bus will pass by there when on the way to jetty.
Photo with hotel adv board.
The front entrance of the hotel.
It use a lot of the gold & shining decoration such as the 2 gold column beside me....

The lobby

Decoration of the 12 horoscope on the floor in front of the lif.

The outlook of the hotel at night. There are lantern decoration at the roundabout in fornt near the hotel. We went there during mid auturm festival.
We took the brestfast buffet in the hotel.Food that available in the buffet.

Rice porridge with various side dishes also....


As well as bread with fruits jam & butter....

Of coz with fruit juice like orange & mango, water, coffee & tea.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Part 4

Ruo Do Cunha (Part 2)

After eat & bought some biscuits, we then go further into the street.
There are 1 small park located at the T-junction & we reach to this shop - Yummy Yummy.
This shop selling various snack from fish ball to the pork chop bread.
The price & advertisement board in front of the shop.....

The next shop is bakery shop selling ice cream, pudding etc...

The cream cheese pudding that we bought. It cost us HK$10

Our makan trip continue for the next shop.
We found 1 shop selling "shun teck" style
"double skin milk pudding" - 顺德双皮奶

The out look of the deserts that we order...
It's really milky with a bit sweet & very "smooth"...
Our ultimate target of the trip that day was to eat the very very famous pork chop bread.
The shop selling this bread known as Tai Lei.

It's a traditional kopitiam & this is their signboard.
To our surprise & follow by disappointment, the shop was close........
We don't have the chance to taste their famous pork chop bread - 猪扒包.
With the disappointment, we decided to buy the pork chop bread
from the previous shop (Yummy Yummy) located near the T-junction....

This is the 1st pork chop bread 猪扒包that we took in Macau.
It cost us HK$15.
We request the shop owner to serve our bread in 2 pcs....
after ate so many thing along the street.... hehehe

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