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Friday, November 19, 2010

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Part 4

Ruo Do Cunha (Part 2)

After eat & bought some biscuits, we then go further into the street.
There are 1 small park located at the T-junction & we reach to this shop - Yummy Yummy.
This shop selling various snack from fish ball to the pork chop bread.
The price & advertisement board in front of the shop.....

The next shop is bakery shop selling ice cream, pudding etc...

The cream cheese pudding that we bought. It cost us HK$10

Our makan trip continue for the next shop.
We found 1 shop selling "shun teck" style
"double skin milk pudding" - 顺德双皮奶

The out look of the deserts that we order...
It's really milky with a bit sweet & very "smooth"...
Our ultimate target of the trip that day was to eat the very very famous pork chop bread.
The shop selling this bread known as Tai Lei.

It's a traditional kopitiam & this is their signboard.
To our surprise & follow by disappointment, the shop was close........
We don't have the chance to taste their famous pork chop bread - 猪扒包.
With the disappointment, we decided to buy the pork chop bread
from the previous shop (Yummy Yummy) located near the T-junction....

This is the 1st pork chop bread 猪扒包that we took in Macau.
It cost us HK$15.
We request the shop owner to serve our bread in 2 pcs....
after ate so many thing along the street.... hehehe

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