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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Singapore Trip Chapter 5


The second zone we went is Maagascar.
First station is King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Around

A photo we take before enter to join the "party".....

At the back is the food stall name Gloria's Snack Shack-

Feast on a selection of yummy Japanese delight
Feast on a selection of yummy Japanese delights including
Vegetarian Tempura, Yakitori and Bento Box meals.

My bf is sitting with the Madagasdar's freiends....

I choose The Melman-Girraffe

Next, we want to gather with all our most favourite friends
in the Madagasdar....

The photo we take with four heroes,

Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria from

DreamWorks animation Blockbuster movie Madagascar

Another pose...

The 3rd station is Madagascar: A Crate Adventure
In some place, you might get a bit wet oh.....
It will be good if you have the disposable rain coat

Ready to go for the river ride adventure in Madagascar

Some photo taken during the river ride in the tropical jungle....

Another shot...

Overall, we are surrounded by the African animals in Madagasdar....
A very "Tropicana" feel.... hehehe

Friday, January 13, 2012

Western Food

Faces Western Corner


One of the famous western foods restaurant in town....
their famous & signature thing are their big big cup
of mix fruit juice which name after the super stars around the world.

This restaurant previously was located near Tanjong Tokong,
now had move to Peel Road.

The menu with special design...

The photo snap after we made our order

The drink that we order
Erra Fazira
It mixed with starfruit, apple & watermelon

We bought a voucher that offer a buy 1 free 1 main course.
Total of 3 type of chicken chop available &
we choose the 2 below:

Chicken Aux Champignons
-dressed with mushroom sauce and condiments

Oriental Chicken Chop

-dressed with oriental sauce

The chicken chop that we didn't order is Black pepper...
Overall the food is still ok....
But the fries are too less lo....
Mb it's bcoz of the buy 1 free 1 promotion gua... hehehe

Monday, January 9, 2012

Famous Tom Yam & Fish Head Bihun Soup

Back by popular demand...
This is e-voucher that I bought from Everyday website..
Buy 1 free 1 TomYam, Soup & Porridge
for only Rm 5.90

This shop call EST.
It located at Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone.
This shop is a corner lot &
You can see it on your right when you heading towards PG airport.
Can't really remember clearly the name of that place,
but it started the Sunway XXX something.. hehehe

Maggie Tom Yam
Look really yummy.....

Fish head bihun Soup

My favorite Tom Yam, I love it so much...
It really taste good & worth.....
Some more buy 1 free 1 oh... hehehe

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cafe Takahashi @ Jusco Kinta City

Japanese Food
The cover of their menu....

The cafe story, inside the menu....

The decoration in this shop...
Got a lot of "patung-patung"
The overall environment is good & comfortable
The seasoning available for your to choose
In front of the Tokyo night scenery photo...
There are 2 choice for us to select for our voucher,
The curry udon set or the rice set shown below:
Original price of each set is RM17.90...
Our voucher cost RM8.90 with the set plus green tea...
The actual set that we order - Chicken Katsu Don
Not too different from the photo lo....
The taste of their chicken is nice, we like it.

At the end, we feel that we found
another place for Japanese food oh....

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