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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Black Canyon@Jusco

Black Canyon Coffee

It located at Aeon Seberang Prai - Jusco
This restaurant serve various type of food
such as thai, western food and etc with rice, spagethhi and many more..

The food & drink (Coffee) menu are separate...
This is their food menu.

Watermelon juice
(Serve together with set)

& the tasty Tom Yam soup
This 2 serve together with 1 main course

the Black Canyon set B is RM 12.95++

Which we think that it worth for it value

Rice topped with Roaster Chicken in
Garlic & Pepper with Mixed Vegetables in Gravy
ala carte- RM 8.90

American Fried Rice
Ala Carte- RM 8.90

Combination of Stir-Fried Prawn, Chicken and Chili with rice
ala carte RM 8.90

Sping Rolls RM 6.50

Deep Fried Sesame-Crusted Fish with Rice
RM 9.90

Spicy Stir-Fried Spaghetti with Seafood and Chili Paste
RM 8.90

Tried this spaghetti, it fried with 1 type of herb

which give a strong smell as well as taste.

If you like to take herb leave then you'll like it....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Part 13

Disneyland --香港迪士尼乐园

Main Street USA

Here start our journey in the Disneyland Hong Kong.

The 1st section is The Main Street USA.

This is the overall map for Main Street USA....

(Source from Hong Kong Disneyland website)

In front of Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad station....

Disneyland City Hall....

It's the information center for Disneyland

Disneyland Fire Dept - located beside City Hall

Actually is the place where tourist can rent the baby car

The Art of Animation

Cartoon & picture related to all the famous Disneyland character.

Here we have the most famous Mickey Mouse & Friends...

Foods & drinks stall right in the middle of the whole section...

The whole view of the main street...

Shops selling various souvenirs

Something that can't miss when visit Disneyland

- photo with Mickey & Minnie

All 6 of us with Mr & Mrs Mickey Mouse

After the photo, we took the Double Decker mini bus to the next section.

A photo before the bus depart

On the bus... ready to continue our journey...

The bus will stop at the end of Main Street USA

some where near the roundabout.

The Roundabout was decorated with the Dragon

in conjunction with the theme of Halloween

Friday, April 15, 2011

Red Box @ Gurney Plaza

Karaoke @ Red Box

This is the first time we go Red Box

after they move to 7th Floor in Gurney Plaza.

No.15 is our room.

We never thought that they give such a big room for 2 of us....

This is the room....

It can easily fit in more than 8 people.....

It give 4 mics for 2 of us.... hehehe

Photo with my darling is something that can't miss out...

The lunch hours K is 3 hours.

It include 1 set of lunch & 1 drinks...

It's really worth for $$

Still got some buffet foods available like mushroom cream soup,

clear soup & red bean soup.

The salad....

We just took what we eat... hehehe

The vege with popiah.....

My favorite...Fish N Chips...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Christmas Celebration @ 2010

Richard's Western Foods

As most of us, we too choose to have western foods for our X'mas day dinner.

We went to 1 of the famous western foods restaurant in Butterworth

- Richard's Western Foods located at Tmn Inderawashi.

The outlook of the restaurant - a simple 1

The menu... The 2 happy faces...
1 of our favourite drink - Mocha ice blended

Water & bun that serve togehter with each main course.

We ordered 2 main course......

Oriental Chicken Chops

English Fish N Chips...

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