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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hong Kong & Macau Trip- Part 3

Rua Do Cunha (part 1)
官也街 (part 1)
A famous tourist spot in the Taipa Island, Macao. It's a small street that full with shops and restaurant. Shops that available here range from the biscuits, souvenir, handicraft etc .
Portuguese foods, Chinese foods, snack, noddles & congee as well as coffee shop are the available restaurant here for tourist to choose.
A photo before entering to the street.
The yellow building on the left is one of the Portuguese restaurant - Cozinha Pinocchio.

There will always full of people that walking around in this famous street.....

Another shot in middle of the street.

One of the very famous shop that selling various local foods & souvenir.
This shop had won the Macao's best souvenir seller award for consecutively 8 years.

The shopper welcome customer to taste their meat slide, biscuits and etc for free...
We had bough some biscuits there to bring home for frens & family...

This good looking Portoguese egg tart is not a test sample... hehehe
We bough this as to try this very famous food in Macao...

The interior of the tart after tear into 2...
It is so yummy & the eggs are some 'milky'


  1. wow u made me wanna visit there real soon :)

  2. great photos you got there! thanks for sharing them with us..


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