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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Part 2

The Venetian Macao
Day 1 - the 1st place after checked in. We went to the new & famous entertainment mall - The Venetian. This mall combine shopping, foods, entertainment & casino in 1.

As the name - The Venetian, the whole mall designed in such a way that make us feel like we are located in the European.

1 of the entrance to the mall..... The design is just good....

Take photo before enter to the mall

The special part inside the mall - The Grand Canal Shoppes
There will be always good weather inside the mall with blue sky & white cloud...
The artwork are so nice & detail until we really think that it's real.

Not only with the blue sky & white cloud.. there are water canal - one of the famous landmark of venetian inside the mall. The guys sailing the boat with very good voices. They will sing some Italian song - i think.... while they are fetching the customer with their boat..

Photo of the Italian handsome & 2 of us.

Another corner inside the mall.

Before enter to the casino..... The painting on the ceiling are so amaze.

Another view before go into the casino...
The minimum bet inside this casino are around HK$200 (if not mistaken) which is equal to almost RM100.

Our lunch in the mall - the famous Portuguese pork chop with rice and egg + coke
沙丹猪扒饭 (HK$58)

Another set of Chinese foods serve with rice porridge and chu chang fun
皮蛋瘦肉粥套餐 (HK$68)


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