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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Birthday Celebration

My 2011 birthday presents

It's another happy and memorable b'day celebration
together with my darling.
As shared in previous blog, we had our dinner @ Mizi Bistro

In total, I received 3 presents from my darling.
The 1st one is 1 set of b/fast.....
It's a normal with the b/fast that he bought for me always
but with a little small deco.... :-)

The 2nd one is a b'day card with the cute bear bear that I like...
He gave to me after our lunch while we are on the way to Penang.

Above is my b'day card together with my 3rd present....

"cheng cheng"..... my 3rd present is a white gold bracelet
It surprise me when he pass my 3rd present to me
when we are in the restaurant for our dinner....
Never think off he'll give me that during that time

My bracelet with the card...

A closer look of my beautiful bracelet....

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