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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mid Year Trip

Genting Highland

We had planned our mid year months ago
after bought promotion air ticket from budget airline.
This round we went to KL & Genting.

We went up to Genting by from Gombak KL.
The bus stop at half hill follow by cable car.

The cable car station was full with ppl.....
It took us almost 40 minutes to Q for our turn.

After view at the cable car station.

Finally, our turn to the world fastest cable car service....
According to what we heard inside the cable car,
this is the longest cable car line in Southeast Asia.

Photo outside Genting theme park...

In front of the miniature for Statue of Liberty
inside 1st world indoor theme park

In front of a Vietnamese restaurant

The Genting Clock tower

Everywhere was full with ppl...
we took a photo in front of the revolving horse ride.....

In front of the 1st world hotel lobby....

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