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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Something Cold In Hot Weather

Cool Blog -Prangin Mall Penang

In this very hot weather, what will in your mind??

Something cold will be very nice, isn't it....

While walking around in shopping mall,
I found 1 stall surrounded by many people...

After check it out,
found that it is a stall selling cold drink known as

Cold Blog.

Looking at this situation,
automatically I'm attracted by this drink
& wanna have a try on it to figure out

what so special about this stall.

The cute seal for the cup with their logo

The Cool Blog that I ordered is Passion Fruits Iced Blended..

(RM 3.10 - RM2.50 for ice blended + RM0.60 for the pearls)

The photo I took when I finally get my drink...

You can see it really full with people,
no matter old or young....

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