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Saturday, August 7, 2010


Another interesting place with delicious Thai Foods....Little Genting

This place located at Bukit Genting , Balik Pulau.
It took about 15 min from hill foot to restaurant..
It's a restaurant up hill with cold & windy weather plus beautiful scenery
If u are lucky enough, u can see the sun set there ^_^

This is the place that we celebrate our first anniversary

We ordered 4 dishes for our dinner
omelet, deep fried kangkung, "keng som" fish & belacan chicken...
Only 2 dish r shown here
it's because we very hungary, so start eat already.. hehe

At there, we can see the whole view with paddy field & sea view
It's very beatuiful..

I really happy on that day....
This is our 1st time there, I'm sure that there will be 2nd, 3rd ...... times again..

1 comment:

  1. It's a nice place with good scenery... but my belly look so big from the 1st photo of this post lo.... hehehe... really need to keep fit d....


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