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Saturday, August 28, 2010

IPOH FAMOUS FOOD..........Part 1

(Ipoh First Garden Hong Kong Kopitiam)

3 days holiday again (Nuzul Al-Quran on Friday), this round go to Ipoh with my bf again. As usual we go for nice local food again. Below are some delicious noodles we took for b/fast
(Fish Head / Fillet Bihun)
This noodles cook with either fried fish head or fillet. You can choose any one of it.
The soup cook taste a bit sour due to the salty vege (咸菜), prum (酸梅) & tomato as u can see.
Again, my bf finish all the soup at the end... hehehe
(Curry Mee with roasted pork & chicken)
My bf told me this is Hainan Style Curry Mee, serve with some lime juice (in the spoon).
It's different with normal curry which it cook without coconut milk, but I still can feel that coconut milk in it. It's totally different with Penang Curry Mee.
No long bean, "ham" (蛤蛎), "pork blood" (猪血) & etc.

(Claypot Ee Mee with Egg)

Finally, found something familiar with Penang food - Claypot Ee Mee
It same with Penang, look & taste good too...

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