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Saturday, August 28, 2010

IPOH FAMOUS FOOD..........Part 2

(Menglembu, Ipoh)
Lunch time..... We took our lunch in Menglembu - my bf hometown.
In the shop below have something nice that I wish to eat for some time d...
Guess wat!

The shop look old which believe to be build during British time.... but a lot of nice food in it.
This are the 2 dishes that we order from many many choice.
This shop famous Chu Cheong Fun (猪肠粉).
The boss is a twin "man" so it known as 孖仔猪肠粉

(Curry Chu Cheong Fun)
There are 2 type of 猪肠粉, I ordered the normal 猪肠粉,
there are another type that the 猪肠粉rolled with vege in it (有馅猪肠粉).
My bf 猪肠粉 serve with curry "pork skin" (猪皮) and some vege as shown.
Another food that totally different from Penang which we used shrimp paste (虾膏).

(Crunchy Deep Fried Prawn Cake)
RM1.00 per pcs
This prawn cake serve with some chili source.
It taste best when it still hot & crunchy.

After that we went to Menglembu Pasar to continue our lunch.....
Lok Lok
RM0.60 per stick
The foods is clean which everyone have their own satay source with a small plate.
The satay taste good......
After a few stick, we were satisfied & back home with full stomach.....

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