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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mooncake Festival....


Happy Mooncake Festival

Mooncake festival also known as Mid Autumn festival
which is one of the major festival for Chinese.
As the name of this festival,
mooncake is a must item to celebrate this festival.
In this modern time,
the type of mooncake are becoming more & more creative.

The mooncake boxes are more & more beautiful..

Box from "You Ai"

It come with 4 mooncake & 1 small tin of tea leafs..
It's good to have Chinese tea after enjoy the mooncake.

Box from The Baker's Cottage...
We had buy mooncake from this brand for consecutively 3 years.
Planned not to buy from it but still end up to buy it... hehehe

The 4 - Mixed Nuts, Plain Lotus Double Yolk,
Pearl Of Harmony, Pearl Of Prosperity

From Traders Hotel - Golden Jade Mooncake

The Pantan Lotus Paste after cut the Golden Jade...

From Hilton - Superb White Single Yolk 白莲蓉

Lotus seeds, egg yolk & melon seeds -
always a good combination...

Golden Bliss 金宝月
The new Y2011 mooncake from Baker's Cottage...
Look nice even from the outlook...

Delicate carrot butter pastry skin,
No sugar added white lotus paste with roasted macadamia nuts,
dried blackcurrants, cranberries, white sesame
& sunflower seeds
with natural & nutritious pumpkin filling

It's yummy.... I Like the macadamia nuts in it
Good combination...
I'm Loving It.... hehehe (not McD oh.....)

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