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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Part 12

Disneyland - B/fast & entrance

It's a day that we waited so long, finally it comes - We are heading to HK Disneyland......

We took a simple b/fast somewhere near our hotel

Here is our b/fast set A.... HK$20

The menu for b/fast with 5 different choices..

These are the Disneyland entrance ticket with the most famous cartoon like Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck & Goofy....

The entrance to the Disneyland resort

With the whale & Mickey at our back... The beautiful fountain.... Another view in front of the fountain. The entrance to the theme park.... During our visit, it's near to the Halloween festival, thus the entrance was decorate with the theme of:- The Black World of Disney Photo before start our interesting visit to the Disneyland....

Tips for visiting HK Disneyland:- There will the event/show time table & the map available after the entrance, do spend some time to plan up your schedule for the whole day in order not to miss out any interesting event....

Even HK Disneyland consider the smallest 1 among the Disneyland in US & Japan,But it'll still be a day that packed with various entertaining event & show..

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