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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - Part 11

Hong Kong, I'm coming....

After 2 days 1 night in Macau, it's time to said goodbye to Macau...
Of coz, it's of the end of our trip
but the beginning of another chapter of our trip - Hong Kong
A snap shot in the ferry terminal. It's full with ppl

Inside the ferry with my bf.

After checked in & took a nap.
It's time for dinner lo...
The street view of Hong Kong with some famous street name
The menu - Very Good Restaurant

Fried kangkong

Roasted duck serve together with peanuts...
Never see this combination in M'sia

A signature dish of this restaurant - fragrant deep fried taofu
Fried eggs with Oyster

We have a few more dishes that I forgot to take the photo
such as the roasted pork, char siew
All this dishes taken with white rice... but we intended to try something different
Seafood Udon soup
After satisfied with our dinner... it time to moved on.
Our next stop - the famous "ladies street"
This street like our Petalling Street.
We took a photo in front of the stall.....
Shopping time.....

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