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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dinner @ Shanghai Ding

Shanghai Ding near Queensbay Mall

We found 1 new dining place in Penang. It located at the shop lot near Quensbay Mall.
It famous with Shanghai dishes.
This is the menu ....
It is famous with Shanghai dumpling
The photo I took in the restaurant...

正宗上海小笼包 (Shnaghai's Juicy Meat Dumpling)
4pcs- RM 6.80
Serve together with ginger & vinegar

It's very juicy inside with some soup....It's taste good...

This is the step they teach us how to eat dumpling ..

My favarite dish in the restaurant -
炸酱肉碎拉面 (La Mian With Mince Meat)
RM 5.00

酒香子虾QQ饭 (QQ Fried Rice)
RM 6.80
The amount of this fried rice is big enough, even for guys too... taste good also... hehe

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  1. i am really full today...suddenly, i missed dumplings:)))


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