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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Moon cake.....

Mooncake fest....

Mooncake festival had over, how many mooncake that you had try this year..
Wanna share with you all some mooncake that my family & i try...
Pandan lotus + Salted Mung Bean + Single Yolk
It suppose to have a clear layer of yellowish Mung bean surrounding the yolk,
unfortunately it didn't but it taste still ok la... hehe

This is a new mooncake from Baker's Cottage (麦可思) named Low Sugar Taro Yuzu.
The rabbit on it is really cute.

It make from manty many ingrediance, I just list a few of them which are:
Lotus seeds, Yam powder for the outter skin, Yuzu paste, Orange peel etc....
A special & new style mooncake.

Another mooncake from Baker's Cottage - Chestnut XO Jing Sa
Myself don't really like this one...
Feel that it is too salty for a mooncake that suppose to be sweet....

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