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Saturday, September 11, 2010

IPOH FAMOUS FOOD..........Part 4

(Ipoh Garden South)

Looking for western foods restaurant in Ipoh??
There is 1 stall located in Ipoh Garden South which in business for many years.

Close shot in front of the stall.
The cook are busy preparing yummy foods for their customer. It smell good...
Not very much choice but it have fish, chicken, beef, mutton & pork.
Chicken Marryland
RM 10.50
We order 2 set for 3 person to share. This is their Chicken Marryland.
It serve together with bread, ham, sausage, french fries, onion rings
& the crispy chicken chop with their own make Brown Sauce.
The brown sauce suit me & i think it make from baked bean & onion.
Pork Chop with Brown Sauce
RM 8.00
Second dish that we ordered - Pork Chop with Brown Sauce.
The size of the chop is big which cover half of the plate.
The onion rings were good.
The chop serve with a lot of brown sauce but at the end we had finished it.
Really yummy....
3 of us was full & satisfy with our dinner there....
This will be a place that I wish to visit again some days in the future...


  1. Haiz. Long time I haven't eaten western food in Ipoh. I miss Ipoh food so much. The portion for western food is huge and cheap.

  2. Looks good, Shall remember this blog when I drop by Ipoh!

  3. hmmm... looks really good. nice post!


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