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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Austin Chase

Coffee by Austin Chase

This coffee shop is recommend by my sister....

My sister bought 1 e-voucher for me from Groupsmore...

We went to the Austin Chase located inside QB mall

It's a promotion of more than 50% discount
which we can choose 1 out of the 3 drinks

Their menu with the strawberry drinks

A closer look....

The environment inside the cafe is very nice & comfort..

Me with the Strawberry cream...

1 of the poster on the wall

My bf look like have "horn" in this photo.... hehehe
For dine in customer, there are some games (UNO, Millionaire....)
that available for customer to spend their time.

After look around, I found out that there are 1 promotion flyer
showing the 3 promotion drinks for my e-voucher.
After compare, we feel something wrong
with the drink that they serve to us....
The drink that we have didn't look like
any drink that show in this flyer -

Strawberry Mocha Cookies Frappe,

Strawberry Pink Guava Froothie &

Espresso Chip frappe

After that we went to the counter to ask the waiter,

we found that they make a mistake...
They serve to us their Strawberry Cream.
After discussed, the captain decided to give us back
our drink - Strawberry Mocha Cookie Frappe.

The actual look for drink that we ordered...

Finally, we had 2 drinks there....

1 comment:

  1. looks so refreshing! now, you made me want one for myself :D

    by the way, do you mind checking out on TORN?


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